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We offer a variety of after school activities, Monday to Friday from 16h -17 h.


  • Monday - Football / Workshop
  • Tuesday - Yoga for Kids / Kindy Music
  • Wednesday - ECO Club / Spanish beginners
  • Thursday – Olympics 2036 (Physical Education) / Kindy Music
  • Friday – Arts & Crafts / Book Club


Your child should bring a small afternoon snack, which they can enjoy after normal classes have finished.  After school activities are invoiced monthly.

Please note that your child can enrol in more than one activity.


Our school is dedicated to nurturing the body as well as the mind. As eating habbits are a primary aspect to staying healthy, our chosen caterer - Starcat Catering, hand picks and chooses only the best quality ingredients for our children. The meals are organic, without white sugar, gluten, pesticides, additives or colouring.

They have all the necessary Health & Safety and Food Management certificates, and always strive to create the tastiest, healthiest meal for our children.

The meals are always consisted of soup, a choice of three meals out of which one is vegetarian, sides and optional dessert. 


The meals have to be ordered online (the form is below this text), for the whole month, in the begining of each month.


Please note that changes and cancellations are possible on the day till 9.00 am. In the case you wish to cancel or change your order please email Starcat Catering directly with your request.

Menus for upcoming months will be posted on the website once we have received them from Starcat.


Lunch menu for: AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2017




Bus transportation is available to and/or from school Monday to Friday.

The school assists in the organization but payments are made direct to the bus company.

For more information, or to book bus transport please contact the school office.